The Committee of Algiers II Students: 12 March statement

The movement needs time”, wrote Hocine Belalloufi in his 5 April Contretemps essay ‘Algeria: This is Only the Beginning’.

Time, in order to cohere a positive program against both the presiding regime’s efforts to maintain the current constitution, and the “ultralibérale” opposition’s strategy of “fast transition, from above”.

Since 22 February, autonomous unions have struck; neighbourhood councils have developed; and “an autonomous and democratic students’ and also womens’ movement is being rebuilt”. The following is example of one such re-building.

The Provisional Independent Committee of Students of Algiers University II


We the free students of Algiers University II, following a campus-wide public assembly on 12 March, declare the founding of the Provisional Independent Committee of Students of Algiers University II, in order, in this decisive political period, to speak in the name of students, and to express their legitimate aspirations.

We demand to be at the forefront of struggle, guiding the way towards self-organisation in all walks of life — in universities, communities, factories, and amongst the unemployed.

We begin by exposing the deceitful cunning of a regime that aims to weaken public education. The truth of the matter is that the decision to delay the elections and to organise a “National Conference” — in a year’s time — is nothing except a maneuver to stay in power, when the popular mass is demanding radical change: change which is impossible without the complete removal of the regime

And here, we must mention the decision adopted by the Ministry of Education, which is unacceptable, and objected to by the university family (teachers, students, workers). We welcome students’ decision to remain on university campuses. [1]

Towards this, we urge the students to be actively involved on university campuses, and to attend both the Friday and the Tuesday protests, in order to maintain a movement seeking to depose the regime.

Finally, we call to the comrade students to join with scheduled students’ protests on Tuesday 19 March 2019, 10 o’clock, starting from the campus of Algiers University II, Bouzareah.

Struggle, Struggle until the Regime Falls,

Long Live Students’ Self-organisation!

[1] On 9 March, the Ministry announced a 20-day vacance forcée for 1.7 university students, on which see RFI’s report.

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