Al-Mounadilah: the Moroccan state forces Marxist paper’s closure.

Following is a translation of the message currently displayed on the website of al-Mounadil/ah (‘the Militant‘), explaining the site’s and sibling newspaper’s recent closure by the Moroccan state.

For more details, see al-M’s translation of the paper’s late-January statement.


On Wednesday 11 March 2020, the Agadir Magistrates’ Court blocked the website of Al-Mounadil/ah and suspended publication of its paper due to a non-compliance with the new Press and Publication Law. This follows an urgentlly pursued case by the public prosecutor. 

The same court had previously issued a fine against the newspaper for non-compliance. 

The Al-Mounadil/ah has been forced to stop publishing electronically and on paper, pending compliance with various stipulations — unfair to all free and independent media — of the new Press and Publishing Code. 

The Al-Mounadil/ah newspaper has resisted only thanks to the sacrifices of its sympathisers, and your support and assistance – it needs this support and assistance to continue, so as to resume publication as soon as possible. 

No to the throttling of freedoms of expression and the press!

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