Solidarity with al-Mounadil-a against state repression! (Morocco)

The following statement, published on 30 January 2020, explains the Moroccan judiciary’s threat to close the revolutionary socialist newspaper and website, al-Mounadil-a (‘the Militant’). As the al-Mounadil-a editorial board suggest below, such threats are parts of a wider attack by the state against the left and progressive forces in the country.

Jailed Movement of the Rif activists; repression of those calling for an ‘economic alternative’ in Jerada; arrests of critical journalists (Hajar Raissouni, Omar Radi); the imprisoning of not only rappers for daring to say ʿash al-Shʿab (‘Long live the People’), but even of their school-aged fans for merely repeating the line. Such incidents over the last period – as reported on and decried in al-Moundail-a – show that the threats against the paper and website are not only serious, but existential.

This translation was originally published by al-Rifāq of The Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists on 5 February.


The editor of al-Mounadil-a newspaper recently received a summons to appear in the Agadir magistrate’s court regarding the paper’s compliance with the Press Law. 

Compliance involves a number of conditions, including a professional journalist card, in turn requiring social security registration. Meeting all these conditions requires financial capabilities out of the reach of a militant newspaper reliant on returns from sales, the support of its readers and supporters, and the sacrifices of those dedicated to its continuance – sacrifices of both time and effort. 

Subsequently, a summons arrived from the King’s Deputy to a 3 February 2020 trial.

After that followed a second summons, to an urgent case on 5 February 2020, one threatening to block the al-Mounadil-a website and close the newspaper. 

New technologies have broken the monopoly of those with the financial means to print newspapers and produce entire radio and television channels. Publishing a newspaper requires means only available to a minority, and leads to both surveillance and stifling [of editorial independence], which even the liberal press are subjected to (Le Journal Hebdomaire, for example). As for radio and television, they are only accessible to large capitalists. But, with the internet has come the possibility of any citizen publishing an electronic newspaper or opening a broadcast channel, expanding the possibilities for expression. This expansion is disturbing – frightening even – to anyone who fears free expression, in a country ruled by political tyranny. 

The fundamental aim of the emerging restrictions is to limit this freedom. If the goal was simply regulating the media sphere, then the state has the full ability to do so without restricting the freedom to create websites, since it monitors even personal Facebook accounts. 

Controlling the press – that is, the silencing of awkward voices – is the manifest aim, given the very number of conditions in the Press Law. Is it not sufficient that the website’s owner’s identity is known to the concerned authorities, such that the latter is easily able to pursue them when in violation of publishing law?

Is there not, in court testimony allowing the publishing of al-Mounadil-a newspaper for 15 years, sufficient proof of the legality of a website of the same name? Is there indeed a substantial difference between printing on paper and publishing electronically? The al-Mounadil-a website is an electronic version of a print newspaper, published since its file was first submitted to the courts in 2004.

Either way, the restrictions will not succeed in gagging voices; the advancement of technology will make a mockery of anyone that tries.

We will continue our militant duty to our class and to all of the oppressed in this country: Whilst the al-Mounadil-a website is blocked, we will continue to communicate through various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), whilst continuing efforts to fulfill the conditions required by the Press Law. 

The militant media has resisted with your support and sacrifices, and it is in desperate need of this support and sacrifice, in order to continue its duty – to raise the awareness of our class and all of the oppressed, to raise their level of organisation, and their striving for a freedom, wide and profound.

– The al-Mounadil-a Editorial Board

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