The Iraqi Worker-Communist Party’s first reaction to the assassination of Qassim Suleimani

Following is a translation of the Iraqi Worker-Communist Party’s (IWCP) initial statement on the US’ 3 January killing of Qassim Suleimani. Al-Muzāharāt will publish the IWCP’s subsequent statements over the coming week.

On the current phase of the social movement in Iraq, see Schluwa Sama’s October 2019 interview with Sami Adnan, founding member of Workers Against Sectarianism; on the possible effects of US-Iran conflict’s escalation on that movement, see Taif Alkhudary’s January 2020 blogpost, ‘No to America…No to Iran’: Iraq’s Protest Movement in the Shadow of Geopolitics’.

Note we have translated الجماهير as ‘the masses’ ; it might be ‘the public’, ‘the populace’, or even ‘the multitude’.

American Thuggery and its Mafia Policies Must be Faced

American forces stationed in Iraq have assassinated the commander of the al-Quds Force Qassem Suleimani, the Deputy Chief of the Popular Mobilisation forces [al-Ḥashd al-Shaʿbī] Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and others, in Baghdad on the morning of 3 January 2020.

The assassination operation carried out by the American forces is a blatant act of diplomatic thuggery, one that reflects the mafia policies practiced by the American administration against its competitors, and a scandalous disregard for an independent country. It is no different from an act of terrorism carried out by gangs and terrorist groups throughout the world.

The assassination part of a policy to flaunt American military force and its brutality, and to terrorise its competitors; it has no relationship with the siege of the American embassy by Popular Mobilisation militias two days ago. The assassination is an extension of the military campaign begun by American forces with the bombing of the camps and headquarters of militias associated with Hezbollah in the al-Qa’im region — an attempt to rearrange its political cards, and to strengthen its political power in Iraq and the region. This policy should be considered as a declaration of war that subjects the safety and security of the masses in Iraq and the region to military threat.

Oh masses of Iraq, do not be fooled by American propaganda claim about your safety and security. It is America that has turned Iraq into a backyard of militias, gangs and mafias, driven by the Mullahs of Qom-Tehran; it is America that helped to found these groups on the necks of the masses, through their invasion and occupation of Iraq; it is America who opened the door to plunder, pillage, and all forms of political, administrative, and financial corruption, such as bribes for groups to give legitimacy to all the crimes of American forces and their policies in Iraq.

The policy of assassination and military escalation is not only a message of terror, of dread to anyone who opposes American policy: It will also force an atmosphere of war on the entire region, and impose a retreat on the masses’ uprising and its just demands.

The political, popular and media confrontation with and exposure of the real goals behind that policy — of assassination and military escalation – and the effort to close the American Embassy and remove all American and foreign forces from Iraq are steps towards widening the liberatory horizon of the masses of Iraq, who are hungry for freedom, safety, and well-being.

Down with the thuggish, mafiosi policies of the United States!

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Worker-Communist Party

3 January 2020

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