“With the masses’ victory ends the Iranian & US presence”: the IWCP’s major January statement.

The following IWCP statement was released on 8 January, following Iran’s initial military responses to the US’ killing of Qassim Suleimani. It gives a sense of the group’s broad attitude towards both American and Iranian presence in Iraq, and of their evaluation of ‘the masses’ (الجماهير) in the country and wider region.

For the IWCP’s more recent statement on Muqtada al-Sadr’s 25 January withdrawal of support for the ‘October 1 Movement’, see the following post (in English).

Al-M have chosen to quote the original more than we typically do, to give Arabic readers some view of our (naturally, developing) approach to ع-En translating.

This translation was originally published on 28 January.

No to the Islamic Republic’s War and Terrorism; No to the United States’ War and Terrorism!

Statement of the Iraqi Worker-Communist Party on the Iranian bombing of US bases in Iraq.

In a new escalation, Iranian military forces have launched dozens of missiles at camps in Erbil and al-Anbar, where American forces are present, in retaliation for the killing of al-Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani at Baghdad Airport several days ago.

The struggle between the Islamic Republic and the US is one between two international and regional terrorists poles [اقطاب ارهابية اقليمية و دولية] — their aim is to supplant the other, and to strengthen their political and economic power at the other’s expense.

The US’ political project in the region has failed. It has attempted through the bombing of the Hezbollah camps and the killing of Suleimani at Baghdad Airport to halt the deterioration of its position and influence, and to restore its stature and prestige.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic is attempting to assert its political and social power in the region after the October uprising in Lebanon and Iraq struck serious blows against it. It also desperately needs to suppress the mass protests inside Iran — against the lack of freedoms, the corruption, the unemployment, and a deep economic crisis, whose price is paid by millions of workers and impoverished people. It must suppress any revolutionary eruption or tendency attempting to topple the fascist, repressive authority standing [تتحكم] on the necks of the Iranian masses.

Oh the masses of Iran, Lebanon, and the region.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the American administration need military escalation and the prevalence of a war-like atmosphere [ الاجواء الحربية] in the region. They need war in order to display their military machines, so as to terrorise the region and the world. Just as [فاذا] Iran needs to suppress the uprisings in the region, the USA needs to impose its political power through militarism and its terrorist machine.

The masses of the region — workers, toilers, the downtrodden, and all liberatory [التحررية] forces — must organise their own ranks, separate themselves from the terrorism of the two states, and build a humanitarian front whose motto will be: “No to the US’ Terrorism and its War in the Region; No to the Terrorism of the Islamic Republic and its Proxy War in the Region”

Oh, liberatory forces of the world … the labour, feminist, leftist and liberatory movements!

That war, if ignited, will drag the region and all the world behind it, it is the workers, the toilers, and all of society’s deprived who will pay the price.

We in Iraq, as part of the global labour movement and its liberatory and revolutionary forces, appeal to all those forces across the world to form ranks and to stand together [في خندق واحد] in one liberatory front against these regional and international terrorist poles — against the war that the USA and the Islamic Republic of Iran want to ignite, which will drive out the movement for freedom and equality: drive out the revolutionary mood and flash of revolutionary will [النزعة] amongst the masses of Iraq, Iran and Lebanon.

Oh masses of Iraq … The ruling militia power has already turned Iraq into a proxy war-zone: this war tends towards its interest, as it seeks to shuffle out of the situation and escape the grip of the uprising. This third party, this abominable authority, which, in addition to killing hundreds of unarmed youth during the uprising against its corrupt, illegitimate power [سلطتها] — rather than responsibly protecting its citizens — it today attempting on both the political, military and labour fronts join the axis of war alongside Iran, in order to detour the uprising.

Avoiding war and a war-like atmosphere — avoiding the imposed militarisation of society, at the lowest price — can only be achieved through the sweeping of power of political Islam from Iraq and by urging the masses’ uprising forward, through: the upgrade of all its organisational forms, the mobilisation of the working class and all of society’s forces, and the separation of their political horizons from all the bourgeoisie’s forces and currents (Islamists, nationalists, and liberals).

While condemning all efforts and attempts by America and Iran to ignite a war, enforce a militarised atmosphere on society, and turn Iraq into a proxy war-zone, the Iraqi Workers-Communist Party also stands in the front ranks with the working class and all of society’s deprived, in order to urge the uprising of the masses forwards — with its victory ends Iranian and American political and military presence in Iraq.

Iraqi Worker-Communist Party

8 January 2020

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