‘We call on society’: an Algerian feminist group on rising domestic violence.

‘Confinement is worsening an already existent situation’ said Fatma Boufenik, member of Femmes algériennes revendiquant leurs droits (FARD), to the Algerian daily El Watan.

Following is the 12 April communiqué of a second group, the Femmes algériennes vers un changement pour l’égalité (FACE).

For more translations on Algeria’s new feminist movement, see here.


We, the feminist organisation FACE, notice with great anger the violence suffered by women within their families, which has, according to testimonies, shown an alarmingly increase during the quarantine period. We strongly condemn the escalation of violence against women, and denounce the complicit silence of the public authorities, which have not, as yet, dealt with women’s lack of daily safety.

‘Are you too a victim?’ – a call for testimonies, as shared by FACE.

We urge the goverment to shoulder its responsibilities through taking the measures necessary to stop the violence against women and children. We call for: The urgent creation of ‘green numbers’ in every wilayah; a commitment to report this violence; the immediate care of victims by the relevant institutions (the police, the gendarmerie, and the courts); and for the urgent creation of temporary shelters for victims of domestic violence. 

FACE wants to make the public aware of the dreadful rise of this killing of women. Eleven murders of women were recorded in the first quarter of this year, and even this number gives only an incomplete picture, due to the many unknown or unreported cases. 

In these globally critical times, we call on society as a whole [المجتمع بآسره] to mobilise against the danger that this violence represents to each of us, even if, in truth, women suffer it at all times, and with far worse consequences – why we must stand together in a struggle against both Covid-19, and violence against women. 


[1] For a fuller explanation of FACE’s understanding of féminicide (in relation to the state, the media, and so on) see lavant-garderalgerie.com‘s recent interview with Ludmila Akkacha.

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