After a year, the return of al-Munadil/ah website (Morocco)

The following note explains the closure last year of the Moroccan al-Munadil/ah (The Militant) newspaper and website, and announces the latter’s return. 

Al-M has translated several articles from the Munadil/ah Current over the last period, notably on the Covid-19 crisis and the recent end of the Western Saharan ceasefire.

Al-M congratulates the website’s editorial board, writers, and readers.


Announcing the return of the Munadil/ah website

Almost one year ago, the Munadil/ah website and newspaper ceased publishing – the former closed, and the publication paper edition halted – due, according to the [official] justification, to their non-compliance with the new Press and Publications Code. 

This followed an expedited case brought by the public prosecutor, and the Agadir court of first instance’s 11 March 2020 announcement of its ruling to suspend [وقف]. The same court had previously imposed a fine on the newspaper for non-compliance with the Press Law. 

The paper’s staff had sought to comply with the unfair requirements that the Press Law places on a free, independent media. 

Over the last sixteen years the Munadil/ah newspaper has endured only thanks to your support and the sacrifices of its supporters, and it will return to carry out its mission – of holding the flag of socialism high, and defending the issues and struggles of workers and oppressed peoples from an internationalist perspective. 

On the afternoon of 20 February the Munadil/ah website will return online with a new design, defending the same aims the newspaper was founded to achieve.

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Source text. Author: جريدة المناضل-ة

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