1st May statement from the Moroccan Front for the Support for Palestine

The following statement was published by the newly-formed Front marocain pour le soutien de la Palestine et contre la normalisation (FMSPCN; الجبهة المغربية لدعم فلسطين وضد التطبيع). The Front involves around 50 organisations, including the various radical-left political groupings. 

The Front’s formation was announced in early March by the country’s leading progressive organisation, the l’Association Marocaine des Droits de l’Homme. The statement itself was released in late April. 

The Moroccan Front for the Support of Palestine and Against Normalisation

National Secretariat 

1 May 2021 Appeal

“All Together to Confront Normalisation with the Zionist enemy”

On the occasion of this year’s 1 May, the Front extends it greetings and appreciation to the working class and all Moroccan working people for their enormous workplace sacrifices despite the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, which began over a year ago, the trampling of their rights, and their subjection to such intense exploitation. We wish their struggles against the tyrannies of both the bosses and the state every success. [1]

For the Front the last period was characterised by, first, the pandemic and its exploitation by the Makhzan regime – thereby transforming it into a human rights and political pandemic; an attack against freedoms and historic gains – and second, by the treacherous normalisation deal with the Zionist entity on 10 December 2020. [2]

The Front’s own activist initiatives were repressed under the guise of health emergency measures – measures which have, in fact, become a political emergency, with the quarantine transforming into a political quarantining of the Moroccan people’s militancy. 

The Front renews its condemnation of normalisation with the Zionist entity, and affirms its continued, complete support for the struggle of the Palestinian people to eliminate Zionist colonialism and build a democratic Palestinian state across the entirety of Palestinian land, with al-Quds as its capital – a great prize for the people, the benefits of which would radiate across that beloved country [وتثمن الهبة الشعبية المنطلقة للتو من القدس لتعم عدة مناطق من فلسطين الحبيبة]. 

The Front warmly congratulates those trade unions opposed to normalisation for ensuring that support for the Palestinian people – and confronting that normalisation – has been an important point on their agendas and within their structures, and for raising [the issue] at various events and creating special committees to propose and pursue relevant initiatives. 

The Front makes a special appeal to education-sector trade unions to oppose educational normalisation, which is beginning to take on a dangerous dimension, through activities that raise the awareness of teachers and students at all levels, in order to spread consciousness of the Palestinian cause – to explain normalisation and its dangers, and those the Zionist movement poses to the Moroccan people and to peace throughout the world. 

The National Secretariat

Saturday 24 April 2021   

[1] ‘The bosses’ (الباطرونا) refers to both employers in general and the Confédération Générale des Entreprises Du Maroc, the self-described ‘voice of the private sector in Morocco’.

[2] ‘Zionist entity’ (الكيان الصهيوني‎) is used by many Arab left groups to refer to Israel; the implication of the phrase is that Israel is not a legitimate state.

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