Moroccan pro-Palestine group’s statement on Sheikh Jarrah

The following statement was published by the newly-formed Front marocain pour le soutien de la Palestine et contre la normalisation (FMSPCN; الجبهة المغربية لدعم فلسطين وضد التطبيع). The Front involves around 50 organisations, including the various radical-left political groupings. 


A call to join a 4pm demonstration in Rabat, Monday 10 May 2021, in front of the Parliament building. 

The Zionist enemy continues its criminal actions against the Palestinian people – indeed it escalates them, particularly against residents of al-Quds, where the army of occupation and hordes of settlers carry out large-scale ethnic cleansing, and especially in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, which the occupier seeks to totally control and whose residents it aims to expel. [1]

Al-Aqsa Mosque was stormed and desecrated and its worshippers repressed, after the enemy failed to prevent residents from using the public space near Damascus Gate, thanks to a heroic confrontation led by Palestinian youth. 

This coincides with the Zionist entity’s preparations to commemorate, this Monday, the tragic 54th year of its military incursion into east al-Quds – a day on which fascist extremists supporting the ‘Third Temple’ project decided to make an appearance appear, a harbinger of crimes and massacres against the Palestinian people. 

Thus, the Moroccan Front for the Support of Palestine and Against Normalisation: 

  1. Strongly condemns the killings, arrests and crimes committed by the Zionist entity, which amount to crimes against humanity, including apartheid and [ethnic] persecution. The Front strongly condemns the official position of the Moroccan state (which chairs the Al-Quds Committee) and that of the current government, one consisting of a terrible, shameful silence towards what is happening, as the pace of normalisation exceeds all expectations. 
  2. The Front announces its decision to hold a demonstration in solidarity with the  tenacious Palestinian people at 4 pm Monday 10 May in front of the Parliament building, and calls upon all people of good consciences to contribute to [the demo’s] success, both by publicizing it and with their presence. 

The Front Secretariat

8 May 2021


[1] ‘Zionist entity’ (الكيان الصهيوني‎) is used by many Arab left groups to refer to Israel; the implication of the phrase is that Israel is not a legitimate state.

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