Rifian leader Nasser Zafzafi on Sheikh Jarrah

The following statement is from Nasser al-Zafzafi, the figurehead of the Movement of the Rif who has been imprisoned since 2017, as relayed by his father via Facebook. We include the Arabic below.

Riffian political prisoners including Nasser Zefzafi renounce the Moroccan  citizenship - Rif Time
Zafzafi, 2017.

We see what the people of the Sheikh Jarrah and the Noble Al-Aqsa are subjected to, the unrestrained repression of worshippers – horrific images broadcast by the international channels, as met with an international silence that has come to define the current situation. It is because of this, and the sentiments I carry in my conscience against all injustice and any disdain for the oppressed, that, from my prison cell, deprived of my freedom, I raise my voice with all the free and honourable people of the world in solidarity with those on whom the “deception of history” has been imposed – the oppressed of Sheikh Jarrah.

Rise up for Sheikh Jarrah!


نظرا لما يتعرض له اهل حي الشيخ جراح بالاقصى الشريف من الافراط في القمع ضد المصلين كما بثته جل القنوات العالمية من صور بشعة، ويحدث ذلك أمام الصمت العالمي الذي تحول إلى واقع الحال،وبناءا على ماذكر ونظرا لما أحمله في وجداني من مقت للظلم وازدراء المستضعفين، ومن زنزانتي وأنا فيها مسلوب الحرية، أرفع صوتي على غرار كل أحرار وشرفاء العالم للتضامن مع هؤلاء الذين فرض عليهم مكر التاريخ ليستضعفوا في حي الشيخ جراح.إنتفضوا لحي الشيخ جراح

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