Before 12 June elections, Algerian Marxist party banned: PST-NPA statement

Below is a Parti socialiste des travailleures-NPA statement, published on the French Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste’s website on 24 May. The original title is ‘Solidarity with the PST of Algeria, no to the ban, stop the repression!’.

Al-M has translated numerous articles by the PST over the last period, including on their boycotting of the forthcoming 12 June legislative elections. We will endeavor to publish more on the party’s situation over the coming days.

The Parti socialiste des travailleurs (PST) is threatened with a ban and the closure of its offices by the regime. Its members will be left in still greater danger of arrest, in an Algeria where militants, journalists, and protestors are regularly imprisoned. 

The PST has fought for over 30 years in the defence of the rights of the popular classes, of workers, of women, and the youth. The party relentlessly denounces imperialism (particularly French imperialism in Algeria) and challenges the regime, leading to it being one of the most consistent forces in the building of the Movement that led to the downfall of [former President] Bouteflika. Since then it has continued to build both the popular mobilisation and workers’ mobilisations, with an anti-capitalist perspective.

We oppose the banning of the PST and all the threats against it. We call on all the organisations of the workers’ movement to themselves oppose this ban, and to reject the current regime’s repression of the militants opposing it and building the mobilisations. 

Montreuil, Monday 24 May 2021


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