Moroccan students’ solidarity with West Darfuri student demonstrations.

The following statement was released by a caucus within the National Union of Moroccan Students (UNEM) on 5 September, in support of students of Zalingei University, West Darfur, Sudan. The original can be found on the caucus’ Facebook page.


National Union of Moroccan Students

Progressive Left Student Caucus

National Secretariat 

A Statement of Solidarity with the Students of Sudan

The National Secretariat has followed the attacks on popular student protests at the University of Zalingei, Sudan, on Tuesday 31 August, during which the Sudanese military regime turned its entire repressive apparatus against unarmed students, women and men, leading to one death and 44 casualties, four of whom are in a critical condition. [1]

This repression is part of a wider, vicious attack by the Sudanese regime against all democratic, progressive forces in Sudan: an attack that aims to prevent them from completing the tasks of the Sudanese revolution. 

We in the Progressive Left Student Caucus therefore express the following: 

  1. Our total and unconditional solidarity with the struggles of the Sudanese student movement and, more broadly, the Sudanese people’s struggle to continue the glorious December Revolution. 
  2. Our condemnation of the brutal repression that the student masses of the University of Zalingei have been subjected to, and – in equal measure – our pride in the same students’ heroic response to military repression. 
  3. Our call to all democratic and progressive student groups in Morocco, the Maghreb, and the Arab region to express their solidarity with and support for the student movement in Sudan, and to help lift the siege currently imposed on Zalingei students. [2]
Source text; available here.

Lastly, we stand in homage to the spirit of martyred student Ezzeldin Omar, who has joined the international student movement’s long list of martyrs. 

The caucus’ National Secretariat

5 September 2021


[1] has reported one further death since the statement was written. 

[2] “Siege” may refer to the “Security Committee of Central Darfur’s (…) orders to impose a State of Emergency and curfew in Zalingei” on 31 August, or the military’s deployment of tanks on university grounds the same day.

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