Sudanese Professionals Association’s call to Resistance Committees: “Full civil disobedience”.

The following announcement was made by the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) on Monday 25 October. The SPA was the major revolutionary actor to emerge following the downfall of Omar al-Bashir in April 2019, and a party in the creation 17 August Constitutional Charter, itself the basis of the now purged Sovereign Council. The announcement was shared via their Facebook group.

On Sudan’s Resistance Committees, see al-M’s translation of a “handbook” for their creation here.


The Sudanese Professionals Association. 

#An Appeal to the Neighbourhood Resistance Committees and the revolutionary professional forces. 

Reports of the putschist forces preparing to block the internet, after having arrested the majority of the Council of Ministers and Sovereign Council, suggests a plan to hide their repressive, terroristic tactics. Such tactics bring back memories of the Security Committee and Janjaweed militia, following the military headquarters massacre of June 2019. 

Source text.

We call on the Resistance Committees and the revolutionary professional, trade union, political, student, and popular forces to ready themselves, and to activate their tools of communication, organisation, and networking in their given locales. 

Again, we call on all such forces to go to the streets and occupy them, with a declaration of resistance and total civil disobedience in the face of the military coup.

The Revolution is a Revolution of the People; all Power and Wealth to the People. 

No to the Military Coup! 

25 October 2021.

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