Radical left parties’ joint declaration against Moroccan state’s defence agreement with Israel.

Following is a translation of a joint statement by radical left parties across the Arabic-speaking world (most Communist parties, but not all, e.g. the Moroccan and Algerian signatories) against the late November memorandum of understanding between the Moroccan and Israeli states, which, with its emphasis on security and defence, is “the first-of-its-kind agreement with a majority Arab nation”, according to an Israeli official

The original title is “Joint statement: No to Normalisation, and to security and military cooperation with the Zionist entity.”


In a further step towards “normalisation” with the Zionist enemy, on Wednesday 24 November the Moroccan regime signed a framework agreement with the occupying Zionist entity. This agreement consecrates “various forms of security co-operation”, in order to “face threats and challenges in the region”. This new agreement enables the Moroccan state to “acquire high-tech security equipment and co-operation over operational planning, research and development” and, as the Zionist Defense Minister argues, “establishes the broad outlines of military cooperation”. [1]

The Moroccan people and their national organisations have expressed a broad, popular rejection of this treacherous deal – one that represents a betrayal of Palestine, as a people and as a cause. The Moroccan regime trampled over the sentiments and aspirations of the people when it resumed diplomatic normalisation one year ago, as it has when pushing for economic normalisation, to include strategic sectors such as gas exploration in the Atlantic [2]. Normalisation encompasses the cultural, educational, tourism, military, and technology sectors, the last of which includes the usage of Zionist technology for the surveillance of communication networks, as was recently leaked [i.e. NSO’s Pegasus, as widely deployed the Moroccan state]. 

Extract of source text; available here.

Therefore, the undersigned parties and organisations announce the following:

  • We condemn this move of Morocco, and view it as participation in the reactionary, imperialist, Zionist project, one that threatens national security across the entire regions, aims to consolidate Zionist influence throughout it, and encourages the Zionist entity’s further destruction of the Palestinian cause. 
  • We give warning about the security repercussions of this agreement for the Maghreb and North Africa, in regards both the increased exploitation the regino’s peoples [اليد على مقدرات الشعوب] and the undermining of their aspirations for liberation, solidarity and unity. 
  • We view Morocco’s official normalisation as being in sharp contradiction with the Moroccan people’s connection with the Palestinian cause and its hostility towards Zionism. We salute the struggle of this outstanding people and its organised forces, in particular the Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine and Against Normalisation. We condemn the oppressive tactics used by the Makhzen [i.e.Moroccan] state against the masses, who reject normalisation in its entirety. 
  • We view the wave of normalisation agreements, signed by various puppet regimes over the last year, as aiming to reconfigure the region’s system of alliances and broader situation, all with a view to laying a still heavier hand on the region’s people and their wealth, and to ensuring the security of the occupying entity and imperialist interests – including its agents amongst the parasitic regimes and classes. 
  • We call upon all the progressive and organised forces across the world to unite their efforts and create a global front against imperialism and Zionism, in order to support the Palestinian people in their legitimate, just struggle to defeat the occupation, liberate their land, and build their independent state with al-Quds as its capital: An international front that creatively enacts every form of boycott against this state of Zionist settlers [العصابات], so as to expose Zionism as a racist, anti-human ideology, and to develop the means to support the Palestinians and their cause. 

28 November 2021


–We Can Movement, Mauritania [حركة نستطيع]

–Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party [حزب الوحدة الشعبية الديمقراطي الأردني]

– Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine [الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين]

– The Lebanese Communist Party [الحزب الشيوعي اللبناني]

– The Democratic Way, Morocco [النهج الديمقراطي]

– The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine [الجبهة الديمقراطية لتحرير فلسطين]

– Workers’ Party, Tunisia [حزب العمال]

– Jordanian Democratic People’s Party [حزب الشعب الديمقراطي الأردني]

– The Sudanese Communist Party [الحزب الشيوعي السوداني]

– Socialist Workers’ Party, Algeria [حزب العمال الاشتراكي]

– Bread and Liberty Party (currently in formation), Egypt [حزب عيش وحرية]


[1] The authors appear to be quoting press reports on the agreement. 

[2] On the 2020 agreement as a ‘resumption of relations between the Moroccan and Israeli states, see Al-M’s translation of an interview with the veteran pro-Palestine activist, Sion Assidon.

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