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20 February 2011 – 20 February 2021: #FreeKoulchi’s survey.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the 20 February Movement (the Moroccan iteration of the Arab Spring protests), Al-M presents @FreeKoulchi‘s short survey of the Movement and political developments in the country since 2011.   The survey serves as promotional material for a demonstration occurring today (20th) in Paris, marking the anniversary and calling for the […]

‘Arrest over humiliation’: Moroccan editorials on Omar Radi’s imprisonment

Last night, outside the Morocco’s parliament building, ‘hundreds of people, including journalists, militants and political personalities … took part in a demonstration against the arrest of journalist and militant Omar Radi’ (Tel Quel, 29 December). Radi is a leading investigative journalist in Morocco, whose arrest and detention on 26 December is a further escalation by […]

‘Fever Rising’ — Algeria’s unions strike

Below is a translation of El Watan’s 5 November report on various trade unions’ work-stoppages over the last week. On the development of the strike wave, see al-M’s translation, ‘Algeria’s Autonomous Unions — Striking When, for What?‘. The following translation was originally published on 9 November 2019. –– The social front is on boil. Over the […]