The Iraqi Worker-Communist Party’s first reaction to the assassination of Qassim Suleimani

Following is a translation of the Iraqi Worker-Communist Party’s (IWCP) initial statement on the US’ 3 January killing of Qassim Suleimani. Al-Muzāharāt will publish the IWCP’s subsequent statements over the coming week. On the current phase of the social movement in Iraq, see Schluwa Sama’s October 2019 interview with Sami Adnan, founding member of Workers […]

‘Arrest over humiliation’: Moroccan editorials on Omar Radi’s imprisonment

Last night, outside the Morocco’s parliament building, ‘hundreds of people, including journalists, militants and political personalities … took part in a demonstration against the arrest of journalist and militant Omar Radi’ (Tel Quel, 29 December). Radi is a leading investigative journalist in Morocco, whose arrest and detention on 26 December is a further escalation by […]

‘Fever Rising’ — Algeria’s unions strike

Below is a translation of El Watan’s 5 November report on various trade unions’ work-stoppages over the last week. On the development of the strike wave, see al-M’s translation, ‘Algeria’s Autonomous Unions — Striking When, for What?‘. The following translation was originally published on 9 November 2019. –– The social front is on boil. Over the […]